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Runner is one of the main genres among Android games. Most of them repeat the concepts of each other and especially the genre's progenitors - classics like Temple Run and Subway Surfer, but DRIVE took a different path.


Pros and Cons

  • Great graphics
  • Huge selection of cars
  • Race at High Speed
  • Compete with other players

More about DRIVE

Despite the fact that the essence of the game remains the same as in the above projects, DRIVE differs in its presentation, due to which it stands out favorably. The game feels like a mixture of a runner and a race, which makes it more interesting and fresh in terms of concept - the developers thought through arcade and simple physics, often used in racing games, but left everything that characterizes the runner as a genre. On top of that, they diluted it all with simple but workable art techniques and the result is a curious hybrid.

Advantages of the project:

  1. Simple but addictive gameplay. Runner is difficult to make without annoying prohibitive challange and repetition of the same elements. DRIVE manages to give the player a dynamic gameplay while making it easy to master.
  2. Autogeneration of locations. Locations in the game are automatically generated after short time intervals - thanks to this the game is optimized and easy to go even on not the newest phones and tablets.
  3. Nice graphics and design without straining the device. This is quite a "light" project for the system - you can play for hours on end without sacrificing charge, but at the same time, the minimalistic version of the project's drawings are stylized. The game does not go overboard with the
  4. Variety of content. Runner as a genre is quite specific, it is difficult to add a lot of new content, but in DRIVE there is something to open with time and it is really interesting for the player. New maps are opened over time, and new cars can be bought for in-game currency.
  5. Nice sound design. The game has good sounds, quality background music and even occasional voiceover during gameplay.

DRIVE is worth trying for those who are not thrilled with the classic concept of the runner as a genre - the project is still different from most similar games. Especially like the game will come to those who do not want to learn some parts of the map, and apply their skill - this is what the project and inclines the player, giving the complexity is not sharp, and gradually, with progression and establishment of new records. Over time, a clear and balanced structure becomes apparent, which provides the game with a low entry threshold and high replayability at the same time.

While DRIVE prefers to test the player on reaction speed and skill rather than mechanical memory, the game can in no way be called simple or purely childish - if you can advance far enough in survival mode, you'll see how much it has to offer in terms of challange.

You should play DRIVE if you:

  • love racing, autos, and everything related to them;
  • like to play ranners and occasionally play personal bests;
  • on the contrary, you do not like runners - maybe this project at the intersection of genres will change your opinion;
  • want to test yourself on an endless track with progressive difficulty that compensates for the pumping;
  • love the theme of "road adventures" and enjoy the aesthetics of the free road.

The project is attractive first and foremost a revision of the formula of the runner without breaking it - all the basic elements of the genre are present, but in the little things the game is very different, which makes it special. Perhaps that's why and because of the high quality of the final product DRIVE is so beloved by players.

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