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MOBA games genre, in recent years, is actively developing on mobile platforms android and iOS, occupying the top lines of the most popular games on platforms such as Google Play and AppStore.

However, before we start discussing the top popular moba on android devices, let's remember what these games are and why they are so popular? To do this let's turn to the origins.

MOBA games - a multiplayer online role-playing games, with team battles in a small arena. These games originated in the early 2000s.

However, a special popularity of the genre has gained after the release of "League of Legends", the company "Moonton". About this game, without exaggeration, heard absolutely everything. In recent years, the popularity of "LoL" is only increasing, and after the release series "Arcane: League of Legends", the game rose to the top positions not only among the moba games, but also in the overall rating of Google Play and AppStore.

The enormous popularity of "League of Legends" led to the general rise of the genre and the appearance of a large number of "LoL" clones, as well as the creation of truly original and high-quality MOBA games.

That's why we've selected for you TOP moba games for android devices, the best of which were included in our rating.

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Mobile Legends is a multiplayer game for mobile devices in the genre of MOBA. The project was developed by the Asian studio Moonton. The game appeared on October 1, 2016 and in 5 years managed to collect more than 30 million downloads, making it one of the most popular mobile games developed in Asia.

In this game, two teams of 5 heroes each fight. The goal is to capture the main tower of the enemy and keep it for 10 minutes. To achieve this will require good teamwork, swinging characters, collecting appropriate artifacts and a number of other important actions.

You have the opportunity to download Mobile Legends for mobile devices running on the Android operating system from our website at any time.


    • Simple and clear controls
    • Interesting gameplay
    • Impressive 5 on 5 battles
    • Different modes and stages
    • Numerous classes of fighters
    • Access to New Heroes


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