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The Batman universe already has a great tetralogy of projects from WB, but all of them are action movies with elements of different genres, from beatmaps to races. When Telltale takes on any media franchise, they always flip the accents and make the project as story-driven and fanservice-y as possible.

Fanservice is the second strongest aspect of projects from the studio, right after the story. Usually by this term they mean something bad, clogging up "airtime," but that's not the case here. What does a fan of the comics, movies, animated series and other games about Batman want to see in a game based on the story? Exactly - lots of favorite characters and references to them, interaction with the most famous figures in the Gotham universe.


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Pros and Cons

  • Free Episode
  • Favorite Characters.
  • A new encounter with Batman and his entourage; with an attempt to replay long known canon
  • Good graphics
  • Technical glitches

More about Batman - The Telltale Series

The project from the creators of the Walking Dead adaptation fully meets these expectations. As you pass through, you can meet many of the antagonists that this universe is full of, as well as other characters. In this context, the ability to influence the story, which is rarely available in other forms of media or linear games, is especially gratifying.

Advantages of the game:

  1. Strong plot. In addition to coming up with great stories, Telltale also becomes part of the canon - which is what happened with Batman - The Telltale Series. So it's not just fans of Batman and quiet, story-focused games, but also hardcore fans should try the game.
  2. Nonlinearity. Of course, non-linearity here is subject to gaming conventions - you can't make separate branches for every combination of player choices, but it's still nice to make important choices. In the game, non-linearity is created through key decisions and building relationships between characters.
  3. Stylish graphics. The development studio adheres to sellshedding stylization in all its projects - it's stylish, creates an analogy with a book, and saves resources during development considerably. In Batman - The Telltale Series, this is especially appropriate since the original source is a comic book.
  4. Lots of fanservice. References, favorite characters, canon facts, and the ability to spend all your time in the game exploring these aspects.
  5. Peppy gameplay. Despite the fact that the project in the genre of interactive movies, there is action - it is implemented in the form of QTE and other typical for the representatives of the genre ways.

Batman - The Telltale Series is a great option for those who would like to take a break from the action and go deeper into the story. Telltale always delves as deeply into the universe as they can, so there's no need to worry about canon consistency. For this reason, the game will be very enjoyable for fans - knowing everything about their favorite heroes and villains, they will be happy to celebrate the different references and episodes devoted to them.

In addition to its narrative advantages, the project is convenient purely technical. This is not a classic game, burdened with a lot of mechanics like leveling up, combat system, level system and mandatory activities. Here the player can just enjoy the story, interrupt almost at any moment. The project can be enough for several weeks of leisurely passing.

You should play Batman - The Telltale Series if you:

  • love games that are heavily story-driven;
  • are a fan of the Batman universe and want to get even more information;
  • want to get to know this flagship from DC, but have no attraction to other forms of media;
  • would like to see your favorite characters in unusual circumstances not dictated by the usual action game.

Batman - The Telltale Series stands out significantly from other Dark Knight projects, and that's for the best, as it provides variety.

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