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Detective games and quests - not popular, nowadays, genre, popular only with a certain group of users. The era of long quests, with the search for objects and solving various mysteries, has already passed. However, their place has been taken not only by simple casual puzzles, but also by quite elaborate plot novels.

Our ranking list of the best detective and crime quests, entered the top 10 games for android devices, among which everyone can find something to their liking.

For example, the players that want exciting and intricate story, perfectly suits the game "The Wolf Among Us" from the company "Telltale Games". In this interactive movie, based on the comic book series "Fairy Tales", you will have to find the source of mysterious events, controlling the "big and scary" Wolf.

Fans of the old, classic Russian quests, straight from the 90's, like the cult game "Pilot Brothers", which was recently imported to android devices. The game was created based on the famous Soviet cartoon and in a rather humorous way, covers the topic of criminality and investigations.

It is worth noting that the games in the rating are given in a completely random order and their number does not mean their position in the rating.

The selection of detective games is quite diverse and everyone will be able to find something to his/her liking in our list.

All Detectives in rating

Rockstar Games studio is known for its revolutionary projects - mostly ambitious and super detailed sandboxes. But there are other works in the studio's list, which attracted players with unusual concepts and impressive depth of development for their release date.


    • Large outdoor locations
    • Fascinating tasks with a partner
    • Variety of costumes for the detective
    • Driving different vehicles
    • Wide variety of weapons
    • Furious chases and gunfights with criminals


    • When installing patches and running mods, you should turn off your firewall

Some accuse the modern game industry that most studios offer players a bright picture and less and less work on the original game mechanics. Such an accusation probably does not correspond to reality, because more and more often there are original projects. A good example of this is the unique RPG Disco Elysium from the Estonian studio ZA/UM. This game managed to expand the idea of this genre and quickly become extremely popular.

You can also play the sensational RPG Disco Elysium. To do that, just download this game from our website.


    • Good story
    • Open world
    • Lots of skills in the game
    • Interesting characters
    • Great soundtrack


    • Too much text

"Pilot Brothers" is a computer game in the quest genre. It consists of fifteen short stages with excellent graphics or five levels. At the center of the plot are two brothers Chief and Colleague. They have to find out who kidnapped the elephant from the zoo.


    • Exciting and original gameplay
    • Unique characters
    • Numerous sequential levels with increasing difficulty
    • Great number of interesting mini-games
    • Complicated puzzles
    • Solve high-profile crimes

Some players have certain prejudices against games of this genre - visual novels are a sub-genre not intended for everyone. In fact, they are interactive books, illustrated with animations and occasionally clips. As important as the story is, for some, such games are too concentrated.

But Ace Attorney is exactly the kind of visual novel worth giving a chance for. It has exactly the right level of "Asian insanity", which is more likely to entertain the player, rather than confuse him. In addition to the goofiness and local Japanese jokes, the game can also be serious, and does so unobtrusively, without moralizing.


    • Intuitive interface
    • Ability to revisit dialogues and readings
    • Colorful characters
    • Amazing twists and turns
    • Easy control

Many of us like to watch or read detectives and solve intricate stories. Today, however, computer games are increasingly developing in this genre. "Mirror of Death" is one of them. The traditional question of "who is the killer?" remains open.


    • A classic push-and-pull adventure
    • Mystery and environmental horror
    • Challenging puzzles
    • Simple and easy gameplay

Duskwood is an interesting modern detective that will appeal to all fans of mysticism, adventure and mystery. A brand new story and game format that can attract even the most picky gamer.

The story begins with the fact that 72 hours have passed since the disappearance of a certain Hannah - a girl living in Duskwood. On her cell phone, her friends found only one text message, the sender of which is unknown. The message contains the phone number of a player.

The guys decide on a desperate move - while the police are trying to get to the truth, to start their own investigation. Now everyone can plunge into the incredible mystical town of Duskwood, surrounded by dense forest. Its legends begin to come alive!

Hannah's friends connect with the main character not in person, but through messenger. This is a distinctive feature of the game, which makes it unique. Communication takes place in a smartphone application that resembles Telegram.


    • Nice graphics
    • Interesting puzzles
    • Interesting storyline
    • Multimedia content
    • Spy mode


    • Donate

The Batman universe already has a great tetralogy of projects from WB, but all of them are action movies with elements of different genres, from beatmaps to races. When Telltale takes on any media franchise, they always flip the accents and make the project as story-driven and fanservice-y as possible.

Fanservice is the second strongest aspect of projects from the studio, right after the story. Usually by this term they mean something bad, clogging up "airtime," but that's not the case here. What does a fan of the comics, movies, animated series and other games about Batman want to see in a game based on the story? Exactly - lots of favorite characters and references to them, interaction with the most famous figures in the Gotham universe.


    • Free Episode
    • Favorite Characters.
    • A new encounter with Batman and his entourage; with an attempt to replay long known canon
    • Good graphics


    • Technical glitches

Telltale Games studio is known for its game adaptations of popular media franchises - only games it releases not in the form of classic action movies or adventures, but in the genre of interactive cinema. In the projects of the studio you need to live a long, interesting and dynamic story, deciding the fate of the main character and everyone around him at the same time.


    • There are 5 episodes in the game
    • Beautiful graphics
    • Interesting storyline
    • Great atmosphere


    • The answer choices in the dialogues have no effect on the story
    • Only 1 out of 5 episodes is available for free

Surely many have seen reports about mysterious events that took place or are taking place in places where the average person will never get to. A project with a retro-style text quest Somewhere: The Vault Papers shows just such a situation - only the player is in the role of the one who must get to the truth and show the whole world what is happening in the remotest corners away from civilization or, on the contrary, under its very side.


    • Good graphics
    • Exciting storyline
    • Easy controls
    • Solve intricate cases


    • Paid version

Games like this were originally conceived as time-clilers - that is, you can take them on at any time, for example in transportation or during a lunch break at work. The story and gameplay structures are designed in such a way that you don't lose anything by interrupting.


    • Good graphics
    • Convenient control
    • Interesting storyline
    • Interesting investigation