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Card games are a great way to relax and relieve stress. For many, they have become an obligatory ritual during the commute to work or while in a long line. With Android, you can play alone or battle with opponents in a virtual game space at any time of day or night.

The developers believe that of all the genres of card games for cell phones is the best. Move the cards with your finger on the screen comfortably: computer mouse will not give you that feeling. It is as much like the real process of the game.

Connoisseurs understand that using an application downloaded to your phone, you can play your favorite game of chance even without an internet connection. There is no need to bother searching the web for alternative mirrors of official sites. If you play the browser version, you can lose all the results (you will have to start from the beginning) because of random failures or connection interruptions.

However, playing cards, a person is not just having fun, but also pushes his skills. It is necessary to learn the options, make calculations in your mind and determine the likelihood of victory in this or that situation. Psychological skills are also practiced (the ability to keep emotions to yourself and not to panic).

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Solitaire Spider - one of the most popular card games in the world, including for Android. The meaning of the game is easy and understandable, allows you to relax for unrolling cards and distract from everyday worries. The rules of the game are quite simple, everyone can understand them. The main objective of the game is to remove all the cards from the table and place them in decks according to suit. Total of 52 cards, 8 decks. Collect the cards in strict order, placing the deck, starting with the king and ending with an ace. The king is the highest card in the deck, the queen card is placed on him, the jack is placed on the queen, and then all the cards until the deuce is covered by the ace. If the player wins, a surprise in the form of fireworks awaits. So, to get pleasant emotions from solitaire, you need only a little space in your smartphone, because the game "weighs" very little.


    • You can continue the previous solitaire
    • Choose your difficulty level
    • Watch your result
    • There are settings


    • Few levels

The online version of Fool Online allows you to fully immerse yourself in the classic version of "Fool", which is recognizable and loved by many generations. A huge bonus and advantage of the online format is the ability to play with people who are far away, or if there is no way to meet offline. To play, simply install the app - it's convenient and easy.


    • Practical and easy to operate interface
    • You can play only in cooperative mode with two to six real users
    • Deck size is up to you: 36, 24 or 52 cards
    • The classic rules: "Flip" or "flip".
    • Mode of "toss the neighbor" or "toss all"
    • Possibility to toss to another user more than one playing card at a time
    • Possibility to return accidentally thrown card
    • Repeat the game with the same players

HearthStone is a mobile card game with a wide range of options, a large selection of cards, self-designed decks, and real opponents. The initial levels seem simple and are designed primarily for learning and providing hints on gameplay and features, but the further you go, the more you have to think and the harder it is to win. Opponents can be chosen: other online players or the computer (the second option is easier, but more boring, because it quickly becomes predictable).


    • Ability to practice playing against AI-controlled heroes
    • Introductory missions to familiarize yourself with the game
    • Battlefield" game mode allows you to fight with 7 opponents on behalf of one of the WoW heroes
    • All the great heroes of World of Warcraft are represented in the game
    • Build your own deck of hundreds of cards and defeat opponents from around the world


    • Uninteresting class system
    • Little choice of game modes

The classic Solitaire card game has long been popular among gamers thanks to its simple solitaire rules and colorful graphics. The application does not take much space in the memory of mobile devices and is fully suitable even for technically weak gadgets. Convenient algorithm of cards decay and one-finger control ensures the comfort of the gameplay.


    • Simple and clear interface
    • There are several solitaires in the game
    • There is a record of game statistics
    • You can see your achievements

To port Skat in its original form with the rules that are used by its fans all over the world, it takes more effort than porting the same "fool" or creating the mechanics of solitaire. Skat combines everything a fan of this rare game needs - accurately rendered mechanics, beautiful but simple graphics, small "weight" for the memory of the device.


    • Great graphics
    • The rules in the game are simple
    • Practice playing against the computer players
    • Compete with your friends

UNO is a mobile gaming app where you can play the popular board game from your phone. The online version allows you to fight against real opponents (or your friends who also have UNO), and offline you can practice with the computer.


    • Interact with other players during the game
    • Take part in various tournaments
    • Win prizes by winning tournaments.
    • Try out a classic game

Card games have not disappeared, despite the availability of many other entertainment activities-they are still loved and often used as a group pastime, even without the gambling context. That's because the formulas for such games have not been honed over the years or even decades-they have remained unchanged and in demand for centuries.


    • A collection of games with great control
    • Multi-player games, connect via Bluetooth, Wifi or Internet
    • Free
    • Ability to change the background of each individual game

Classic card board games are back in vogue - even giants like Blizzard have joined the new trend with the release of Hartstone, which has literally breathed new life into the genre. On the wave, both imitators and remakes of classics have appeared - the latter includes Ascension.


    • Full asynchronous support for multiplayer online games
    • Detailed maps
    • Several expansions available for purchase expand Ascension's capabilities
    • Cross-platform online play

Grab your revolvers and dive into the world of magic to meet adventure with the new card strategy game Eternal! It combines dynamics and extensive possibilities in the card world, being rightfully one of the best. You will only be constrained by your imagination.

The pluses of the game are a huge selection of cards, great graphics, the ability to connect multiplayer mode, and frequent updates.


    • Beautiful graphics
    • Huge number of maps
    • Constant map updates
    • Ability to play with friends