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If you dreamed of becoming a first-class marksman and exploring the battlefield with your teammates, then Lost Light is for you. This is the most appropriate choice. Shootout game for smartphones. Goes shooting for survival. Variety of gameplay is provided by multi- and single-player modes.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Android 5.x, Android 6.x, Android 7.x, Android 8.x, Android 9.x, Android 10.x, Android 11.x, Android 12.x, Android 13.x, Android 14.x
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Great graphics
  • Exciting storyline
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Great choice of weapons and military equipment
  • Ability to upgrade the character and the shelter

More about Lost Light

The game is played by members of the Firefly squad, using state-of-the-art weapons. Winning, you get gifts. The settings of the game the user adjusts to himself. Players must keep their health in excellent condition to fight effectively. To keep your player safe and improve his performance in battle, use all available equipment, including guns, grenades, vests and other auxiliary equipment. These items are earned for destroying enemies.

A minimum number of weapons are available at entry level. With the achievement of each subsequent level, new types are unlocked. It is an advanced level. For example, to make combat easier, the gun is also equipped with a magnifying glass so that the player can easily identify the enemy at a great distance and aim as accurately as possible.

The game allows you to fight alone or in teams. A chat function for team messaging is implemented. When you are unfortunately defeated, you can call for help from another player, and any items you collect on that level will belong to the other player. This interaction with the society will allow you to diversify the gameplay.

The Lost Light game is a fascinating survival action game. The graphics are well done and the gameplay is bright. Due to the 3D effects the gameplay is as realistic as possible.

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