How to set up AutoClicker

Autoclicker is a special utility designed to automate the clicking of the left and right mouse buttons. Similar programs are widely used on Windows and iOS personal computers, as well as on Android mobile devices. In this article, we will discuss how to configure the OP AutoClicker program, which you can download from our website.


Best Auto Clicker Programs

Auto clicker programs are selected depending on the operating system of the device on which they will be used. For example, OP AutoClicker will not work on devices running iOS. The same applies to mobile platforms. Below you can briefly familiarize yourself with proven auto clickers for different platforms.

OP AutoClicker - Windows

OP AutoClicker is a specialized tool for automating mouse clicks. It does not require installation and works on Windows 7/8.1/10/11 and macOS.

The key features of this auto clicker include:

  • Simulating left, right, and middle mouse button clicks;
  • Ability to set a screen area;
  • Ability to change the click area during operation;
  • Creating and using hotkey combinations;
  • Counting the number of clicks, interval between clicks, and cursor position.

OP AutoClicker covers the tasks of most users, it is easy to set up and use. You can find detailed instructions on how to set up the program in the corresponding section below.

MurGaa Auto Clicker - macOS

MurGaa Auto Clicker is a universal auto clicker that allows you to automate pressing various mouse buttons. It has a simple interface, does not contain built-in ads, and is not detected by antivirus software as malicious.

Among the competitive features of MurGaa Auto Clicker are:

  • Simulating single and double clicks of left, right, and middle mouse buttons;
  • Simulating left and right scroll wheel clicks;
  • Remembering the cursor position on the screen;
  • Ability to move the cursor between points with changing direction;
  • Simulating keyboard key presses and combining them with mouse clicks.

Auto Clicker - Automatic Tap - Android

One of the best auto clickers for Android, simulating human finger taps on the screen of a mobile device. Allows you to set multiple points for simulating taps with subsequent presses in the desired sequence.

Auto Clicker - Automatic Tap does not require root access, is completely safe for the device and its data. The clicker is compatible with most models of Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, One Plus, and other smartphones. It consumes less battery power in the background mode due to application optimization.

Through Automatic Tap, you can create custom templates for specific applications and websites. It supports both single and multiple clicks on a designated area on the screen. It allows you to work even in applications that detect most other auto clickers.

Clicker+ Counter - iOS

One of the few auto clickers officially distributed through the AppStore. With Clicker+ Counter, you can not only simulate screen touches but also create your own script for the application/game. It is available free of charge with the option to purchase a subscription.

Compared to competitors for other platforms, Clicker+ Counter allows only 99999 clicks. After that, the user needs to restart the counter or configure the operation order for the desired application again. At the same time, the auto clicker also allows setting a target number of clicks.

How to Install OP AutoClicker

Download OP AutoClicker from our website. Move the application file to any convenient location, for example, to a folder with the same name. If desired, create a shortcut for the desktop by right-clicking on “autoclicker.exe” -> “Send to” -> “Desktop (create shortcut)”.

How to Configure OP AutoClicker

After launching OP AutoClicker, a program window should appear on the screen with the ability to set all the necessary actions for simulating mouse clicks. As an example, we will configure the auto clicker to click on the "Start" menu in Windows 10. Similarly, you can configure the auto clicker to click on any object on a website, program, or game.

To configure OP AutoClicker, you will need to:

  1. In the “Click interval” section, set the interval between clicks simulated by the program. Set the desired value. The default value is 100 milliseconds.
  2. In the “Click options” section, in the “Mouse button” item, select “Left”. In the “Click type” item, set “Single” for a single click or “Double” for a double click. In our case, it is a single click and “Single”.
  3. In the “Click repeat” section, set the repetition and number of clicks. Check the “Repeat until stopped” checkbox for multiple clicks on the area. If you need a specific number of clicks, then set “Repeat” and enter the desired number of clicks.
  4. In the “Cursor position” section, check the “Current location” checkbox.
  5. Move the cursor to the “Start” menu icon on the taskbar and press the hotkey “F6”, which is responsible for “Start/Stop”. As a result, multiple clicks will be made at the cursor's current position.
  6. If you need to set a click area, then in the “Cursor position” section, check the right checkbox “Pick location”, click the button with the same name, move the cursor to the location where a mouse click needs to be simulated, and click once. After that, check this checkbox again and press “F6”.

To set a different hotkey instead of “F6”, press “Hotkey setting”, click the “Start/Stop” button, and press the desired key on the keyboard. Then confirm the changes by clicking the “OK” button. The “Record & Playback” option is used to record a sequence of actions on the screen. Go to settings, click on the button with the red circle, move the cursor on the screen, click, and so on. The “Playback” button is used to start the recorded sequence.

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