How to configure Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin is a utility designed for remote access to another desktop computer. It was developed by Ammyy Group over 15 years ago. As of writing this material, the last update was dated autumn 2020. Nevertheless, the software is still operational and performs all the advertised functions.

With Ammyy Admin, users can securely and quickly configure control of another computer/server in real-time. This allows for full control of keyboard and mouse functions, the ability to run installed programs, file transfer, and so on. Let's see how to set up Ammyy Admin for personal use.


How to download and install Ammyy Admin

You can download the Ammyy Admin program from our website or the official developer's portal. The program is conditionally free and is distributed under a license. Thus, the free version is intended for private non-commercial use. Only one connection to a remote PC is available, and usage is limited to 30 hours per month.

You can see the full list of available licenses for purchase on the special Ammyy Admin website page at “”. On the same page, you can purchase the necessary type of license to remove certain restrictions.

Ammyy Admin is compiled into a single file. Simply double-click on the downloaded exe file, then choose to run as the system administrator, read and accept the license agreement by clicking the corresponding button. After that, you can proceed with the configuration and connection.

How to set up quick access through Ammyy Admin

You can set up the program in a few minutes. First, you need to download Ammyy Admin on two computers. The first computer is the client to which the connection will be established. The second computer is the operator that will connect to the client.

For example, to connect to a home computer from a workplace, the home computer will act as the client, and the workplace computer will act as the operator, or vice versa.

To configure Ammyy Admin for connection, you will need:

  1. Launch the program on the devices acting as the client and operator.
  2. On the "client" computer, click on "Ammyy" -> "Service" -> "Install".
  3. Next, perform the same actions, but choose "Run".
  4. On the "operator" computer, copy the ID displayed on the left side of the program.
  5. On the "client" computer, click on "Ammyy" at the top and select "Settings".
  6. In the settings, select "Access Rights", click on the icon with a "+", paste the operator ID. Leave the password and password confirmation blank or come up with your own variant.
  7. Confirm the entered data by clicking the "OK" button and also confirm in the previous windows.

After that, on the computer from which the connection will be made, enter the client ID and paste it into the "ID/IP client" field on the right side of the program. Click "Connect", enter the password if one was set, and click "OK".

Address book configuration

Ammyy Admin has a special feature that allows you to save one or more IDs to which constant connections are made. This eliminates the need to enter the data anew each time.

To do this, click on "Ammyy" on the operator's computer, select "Address Book". Click on the "+" icon, enter the connection name and the client ID. Confirm the entered data. The added data will appear in the address book. Now, when launching the program for remote connection, you can immediately go to the address book and click "Connect".

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