How to use the file transfer function in AnyDesk to transfer files between computers

AnyDesk provides a convenient feature for transferring files between remote computers, which allows you to do it quickly and, most importantly, securely. Read on to learn how to use this capability.


How to use AnyDesk file transfer function to transfer files between computers: instructions

  1. Install AnyDesk on both devices and ensure they are connected to the internet.
  2. Establish a remote connection between the computers using the aforementioned program. As we have already mentioned, you will need the remote laptop's ID, which is provided by its owner. Without it, the connection is not possible.
  3. Open the main AnyDesk menu and select "Files and Settings".
  4. From the "Files and Settings" menu, navigate to "File Transfer".
  5. Select the files you want to transfer to the other computer. Click on "Select Files" and locate them on your laptop.
  6. Click the "Transfer Files" button to start the operation. The files will be transferred to the remote computer, and you will see a corresponding notification.
  7. To receive files on the remote computer, go to the "File Transfer" section in the main AnyDesk menu. You will see a list of all the files that have been transferred to the remote computer. To save the files on the remote computer, select them and click the "Save" button.

It is important to note that the file transfer function in AnyDesk ensures high security and data protection, as the operation is performed through a secure connection between the computers. Additionally, the application we are considering has no limitations on the size of transferred files, making this function convenient and efficient.

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