How to search by image on Google

Image search is one of the key functions of the Google search engine, which continues to evolve and grow with new possibilities. With the help of this search, it's easy to find similar images to create galleries, determine if an image is copyrighted, find images in higher resolutions, and so on.

There are several ways to search by image on Google. Let's start our instruction with desktop browsers for personal computers, and then move on to the mobile version of the search.


Searching by image from a personal computer

You can perform a search by image through the Google search engine using various tools. The result will not change from this. You can use any suitable method in your conditions.

Searching by URL

To search by the image address, go to any modern browser and navigate to the page “”. In Google Chrome, you can click on “New tab” and in the top right corner click on the link “Images”. Then click on “Search by image” in the form of a camera icon in the search bar. A small window will open at the bottom, with an empty field “Paste image URL”.

After that, go to the website where the image is located, which will be searched. Right-click on it and select “Copy image URL”. Return to the search page, go to the empty field, right-click, select “Paste”, and click on the “Search” button. As a result, the selected image will be displayed, and on the right side, visual matches will be shown.

Searching by file from the computer

If the image is stored on the computer's hard drive, you need to go to the address “” or in the browser click on “Images” in the top right part in a new tab. Then click on “Search by image” in the search bar, and in the new window, click on “Upload an image”.

A new window will open where you need to navigate to the folder with the saved image, select it using the left mouse button, and click on the “Open” button. Wait for a few seconds for the search to process the image and display the results.

Alternatively, after clicking on “Search by image”, open the folder with the saved image in the regular Windows file explorer. Then, click on the image with the left mouse button and drag the file to the designated field on the screen.

Searching in the Chrome browser

To perform a search, open the Google browser, go to any website or page on the internet where the image you need is located. Then right-click on the image and select “Search Google for image”.

Searching by image on a smartphone

The image search algorithm on mobile devices depends on the shell used by the device. For example, on smartphones running Android One and Google Pixel smartphones, you can perform a search from the main screen. To do this, on the home screen, click on the camera icon in the search bar.

Then, point the device's camera at the object or image you want to search by. Make sure the camera focuses completely and the object does not go beyond the frame on the screen. Finally, press the “Search” button. The camera will take a photo and the search will be performed based on it. The result will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

To search by image through a mobile browser, you need to:

  • Click on the Google Chrome browser icon.
  • Open a new tab and click on the corresponding icon in the search bar.
  • Google Lens will open. Focus the camera on the object or image, and press the “Search” button.
  • Wait a few seconds and examine the search results at the bottom of the screen.

If the original image is saved on your smartphone or tablet, go to Google Lens by clicking on the icon in the search bar. At the bottom of the screen, to the left of the “Search” button, you will find the “Gallery” icon.

Click on it, allow the application access to the internal storage, and search for the desired image among all the images found on the device. To search, click on the image once and wait for the result to be displayed.

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