How to search by image in Yandex

The Yandex search engine is designed to search for both keywords and images. In the first case, you need to enter any text query of interest and press "Enter". In the second case, it's slightly different. Let's figure out how to search for images in the Yandex search engine.


Personal computer browser

Since September 17, 20222, the main search page of Yandex is located at the address "". From the previous address "", it automatically redirects to the new page "". In both cases, you can perform an image search, there is no significant difference. As an example, let's consider searching via "".

To search by image from a computer, you need to:

  • Go to the page at the address "" or open Yandex Browser.
  • At the end of the search bar for entering queries, click on the thematic camera icon.
  • In the dialog box, go to the image you want to search by. Then, click once on the image and press the "Open" button.
  • After the search, the results will be displayed. The upper part will show the uploaded image, the right part - the text present on it and the keywords by which it can be found. Below, in the form of a list, the sources where this image is already used will be displayed, if the image was not unique.
  • If the image is relatively unique, for example, if it is a fruit, then at the bottom right part, similar images will be presented.
  • If there is a physical object on the image that can be purchased, Yandex search will show the "Products on the Image" section. By clicking on the link in this section, the user will be redirected to the corresponding online store.

If you click on one of the images in the "Similar Images" section, a window will open where you can open the image in a new tab, choose its size, and buy the original image if it is protected by copyright and sold on a stock photo platform. If desired, you can also search by it by clicking the "Similar" button or one of the keywords. The same algorithm can be used to search by any image.

If the user is on the "" address, to go to the classic Yandex search results, it is necessary to enter any character in the search bar. For example, we enter "1". In a new tab, the search results will open.

Click on the "Images" link below the search bar. Then, delete the entered character and click on the square with a circle icon next to the microphone. The "Visual Search" window will open. Here, you can drag the image you need from any file explorer folder or click the "Choose File" button and find it on your disk. The further actions are completely identical to those described above.

Yandex Mobile Applications

On devices based on Android and iOS, there are several applications that allow you to perform an image search. The first one is the Yandex Browser for mobile. The second one is Yandex with Alice. You can download them on our portal or from the Google/Apple digital stores. The general search algorithm for both applications is the same.

So, to search by image in Yandex on a smartphone, you need to:

  • Open "Yandex Browser" or the "Yandex with Alice" application.
  • On the application's main page, click on the camera icon located at the end of the search bar.
  • Click on the "Allow" button to grant the application access to the device's camera.
  • In the lower part of the application, there will be icons indicating translation, search, product, test, formula, etc. Choose the search icon.
  • Aim the camera at the image or object that you need to find in the search, so that the camera frame aligns with the contour. Then, press the search icon to enter the search.
  • As a result, the display will show the results, where you can choose several tabs like "About the image", "Products", "Similar", and "Sites". Choose the desired option.

The second search method is to select an existing image on your smartphone or tablet. To do this, also click on the camera icon in the search bar. On the new screen, go to the gallery using the corresponding icon at the bottom right corner.

Then, allow the application access to the device's internal storage, go to the folder where the desired image is stored, and click on it. The search will be performed automatically. After that, in the same way, choose the "Similar" or "Products" tab and find the desired search option.

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