How to open a demo account in Melbet

The Melbet bookmaker has been operating in the Russian market since 2012. It is a legal bookmaker working under a state license issued by the FNS and the Bank of Russia. Many beginners are interested in the question - is it possible to open a demo account in Melbet? Let's consider how this can be done and whether such an option is currently available.


What is a demo account

A demo account is a test account in a bookmaker's office, on which a certain amount of virtual money is credited. Thanks to this, novice players in betting can test themselves, some betting system or simply practice their ability to analyze sports events.

For example, a demo account in Melbet is an account with pre-credited virtual funds. They can be used to place bets on any sports or esports event. The only difference from a real gaming account is that winnings cannot be withdrawn.

How to open a demo account

As of the time of writing this material, it is not possible to open a demo account in Melbet bookmaker's office. Only regular accounts with identification through ECUPIS are allowed to be registered. It is possible that in the future the situation will change and the company will add similar functionality to its website and mobile application.

However, you can write to technical support with a request to open a demo account. The last time we contacted support, the response was as follows: "Dear user, at the moment Demo account is not implemented on our website".

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      ABADULLAH 5 March 2024 10:10
      Hello sir I need a one-Expect demo account to post on Facebook telegram YouTube 👈