How to delete a profile on Pin-up.

Many players in bookmaker's offices have a desire to delete their account. Such impulses can be associated with both regular fatigue and the fact that gambling has become detrimental to a person. Let's consider whether it is possible to delete a gaming profile at Pin-up.


Can I delete my profile on Pin-up?

The "Delete account" function is not available in the bookmaker's office Pin-up. According to the official response from the bookmaker's representatives, this is necessary to ensure the security and safety of user accounts. Therefore, even if personal data of players falls into the hands of intruders, they will not be able to withdraw funds or delete the account.

There are several ways to solve this problem. Let's go through each method separately.

Contacting user support

The easiest way to delete an account on Pin-up is to contact technical support with a corresponding request. However, the account will not be deleted directly. Managers will block or freeze the account until the user contacts them to unlock it.

To do this, you need to:

  1. Authorize on the Pin-up website or application.
  2. Wait until all previously placed bets have been settled.
  3. If there are funds on the account, withdraw them.
  4. Click on the "Support" button in the lower right corner of the website and select "Online chat".
  5. In the application, click on the side menu icon in the upper left corner and select the corresponding option.
  6. In the online chat, write a message like: "Hello. I want to delete or block my account temporarily. My ID is 34296416".
  7. Wait for the consultant's response and confirm your desire for blocking.

Violation of the terms of the user agreement

Every bookmaker's user agreement includes a number of conditions, the violation of which leads to the blocking of the gaming account. If a user wants to completely resolve the issue of profile deletion, the only way is to violate these rules. In Pin-up, you can familiarize yourself with the rules by following the links in the website footer, in the "Rules and Conditions" section, under the "User Agreement" heading.

Among the serious violations are:

  • using third-party programs for placing bets;
  • fraudulent actions, money laundering, violation of bonus wagering rules, etc.;
  • creating multiple accounts in Pin-up;
  • providing access to other people;
  • entering incorrect personal data during verification;
  • attempting to withdraw funds from the account to someone else's card or e-wallet;
  • exploiting errors in arbitrage (forks).

Violation of any of the above conditions will result in a lifetime ban on Pin-up. It is important to understand that all actions you take are at your own risk. And if you change your mind in the future and decide to return to the game, it will be impossible to unblock the account. Moreover, all verification data and other personal information will remain in the company's database.

How to restore an account

To restore an account that has been voluntarily frozen via customer support, you need to perform the same actions as described above. On the website, click on the "Support" button in the lower corner, and select "Online chat". The second method is to contact Pin-up support via Telegram.

In the message, provide your user ID, name, and surname. Request the restoration of the account, stating that you have decided to continue playing. The support representative will ask for personal information, an email address, or a phone number to confirm your identity. After that, you will receive an email or a code on your phone.

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