How to delete an account on 1xBet

1xBet is one of the most popular bookmakers in the European market with a very simple registration system. However, many players, for various reasons, want to delete their 1xBet account but do not know how to do it. Let's discuss this issue in more detail.


Can you delete your account in 1xBet?

There is no direct account deletion function in 1xBet. According to the user agreement, if a user account remains inactive for 90 days, it will be forcefully blocked until the client contacts technical support.

Therefore, if you have decided to stop betting, simply wait for this period. However, it is important to understand that all personal data, including phone number, full name, and photo of documents (if required), will remain in the 1xBet bookmaker's database. This problem cannot be resolved.

Another point to consider is that according to clause #33 of the user agreement, a player suffering from gambling addiction has the right to request technical support to restrict access to their gaming account and account for a minimum period of 180 days. The procedure will require taking a photo of the face and showing the passport page.

Why you can't delete your account in 1xBet

The impossibility of deleting an account in 1xBet, referring to the official response from technical support staff, is primarily related to security. Bettors caught violating user agreements cannot create a new profile at any time. To do so, they will need to change SIM cards, register a new email address, or find drop documents.

This also applies to arbitrage bettors - players who use tricks in arbitration and place bets in multiple bookmakers. By having more data about such users, it is easier for the bookmaker to block them in the future.

How to get your account blocked in 1xBet

The user agreement of almost any bookmaker company specifies a list of points that the bookmaker can use to restrict access to a gaming account.

In 1xBet, these points include:

  • fraudulent actions;
  • creating multiple accounts;
  • using programs that automate the betting process;
  • user had the ability to influence the course of the game event before placing a bet (collusion, bribery, blackmail);
  • abusing bonus programs and promotions;
  • grouping players together with the aim of circumventing restrictions and gaining collective advantage.

For a detailed list as mentioned above, you can access the official mobile application through the "Menu" in the bottom right corner, then go to the "Miscellaneous" section, and select "Info" -> "Rules". To open it, you need to switch to any browser and select item #2 "General Provisions".

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