Best strip games for Android

On Google Play, you can find games to suit every taste and age. For adults, there are games available that involve stripping and may contain erotic images. Let's take a look at the most popular applications in this category, which can be downloaded by anyone above the age of 18.


Strip Fool

Rating 3.0
Developer Unicdream&LilOcto
Downloads 500+ thousand

A free game, designed in the form of a classic card game - "Fool". One of more than fifty beautiful girls acts as an opponent. When you win, you can remove one item of clothing from the girl, and when you lose, she will get dressed.

The difficulty of the game increases depending on the selected level. Each level has four girls available. Tokens are also awarded for winning, which can be spent on unlocking premium outfits. The cost for Russia is 480 rubles. The graphics of the game are done in a bright animated style.

Star Model Puzzle

Rating 4.2
Developer FUNNY PLUS
Downloads 10+ thousand

A strip game based on the "match-three" principle. The game field is a rectangle with figures on it.

The player needs to move the figures to form a row of three. After that, the player will earn points, the figures will disappear, and new ones will appear in their place. The game continues until the player or the opponent reaches a certain number of points.

The user is offered images of girls of European, Asian, and American appearances to choose from. As the game progresses, more revealing images of the girls will be unlocked. There are over 365 models available in the app.

Producer: Choose your Star

Rating 4.7
Developer Amrita Studio
Downloads 5+ million

A free game where the player is offered the opportunity to become a producer for a young girl who dreams of becoming a superstar. The gameplay revolves around various activities, for which in-game currency is awarded. The funds can be spent on various procedures, expanding the wardrobe, a gym, revealing lingerie photoshoots, etc.

The game is freemium, meaning that during gameplay, the player will be offered to watch built-in advertisements. If there is still not enough in-game currency, it can be purchased with real money.

Kiss Kiss: Spin the Bottle

Rating 4.8
Downloads 50+ million

A freemium game based on the student game "Spin the Bottle." Groups of people are invited to sit in a circle and place an empty alcohol container in the center, which will be spun and act as a pointer. Before each round, actions to be performed towards the person pointed at by the empty bottle are determined by all participants.

The game "Kiss Kiss: Spin the Bottle" offers the same principle but with people online. The game uses Facebook for authentication. In the game, users can communicate through chat, send messages, give gifts, and more. Real money is used for in-app purchases, but as a bonus, free in-game currency is credited to all users every day.

Beer Catcher

Rating 4.1
Developer KT Studio
Downloads 500+ thousand

A simple mini-game where the main task of the player is to catch falling beer bottles from the top. During the game, glasses at the top will fill up, and the image of a girl in the center of the screen will gradually be revealed. At the end, the image will fully open, revealing the figure of a beautiful model.

The game is freemium, and between games, the player will have to watch video advertisements. Completing levels also awards in-game currency for unlocking new stages, which provide access to different girls.

Sexy Gravure Solitaire-inkyung

Rating 4.2
Developer tnkplay
Downloads 50+ thousand

A logic game based on finding matching items and combinations. The player is presented with a game field filled with specific items. The task is to clear the field within a set time frame. As a result, a sympathy meter will be filled, and an erotic image of a girl will be revealed.

As the player progresses, other images will be unlocked. For example, the first section has 14 stages. There are over 20 sections available in total, with photos of different Asian girls in various poses.

The sections are unlocked as the game progresses, but crystals can be purchased with real money to unlock any section of choice. The cost of unlocking one section for Russia is 69 rubles.

Bikini Model Casino Slots

Rating 3.9
Developer Funny Poker
Downloads 50+ thousand

A gambling game based on traditional poker and slot machines. As a reward, players are provided with a gallery of over 365 images of European and Asian girls. If desired, cartoon-style models can be selected. As the player progresses, more and more revealing images will be unlocked.

Bikini Model Casino Slots includes games such as:

  • Video slots
  • Video poker
  • Blackjack
  • Texas hold'em
  • Caribbean poker
  • Sic bo.

All games are played with in-game currency, which is provided daily or can be earned by watching in-app advertisements. If desired, missing currency can be purchased with real money.

Loverz: Virtual Girlfriend

Rating 4.4
Developer Fannin holdings limited
Downloads 1+ million

A game app that mimics some mechanics of dating apps. The gameplay is a chat between the player and a virtual interlocutor. The player's task is to progress to a new level of relationships through flirting and seduction. It is possible to chat with multiple interlocutors at the same time, send gifts, and share personal photos.

As the player gets to know the girls, the ability to view their photos is unlocked, which are placed in a special gallery. The game is free, but in-game currency is obtained for playing.

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