How to log in to ICQ using UIN

ICQ - one of the first messengers that became popular in Russian-speaking countries. Currently, it is owned by Mail.Ru Group. Currently, in order to authorize in the official messenger client, it is required to specify a phone number. Previously, it was possible to use a unique identifier - UIN, instead of a phone number.


Authorization by Identifier

The official application is available on both Android and Windows. There is also a web version of the client, but it does not support authorization by ICQ identifier. In the web version, you can only log in to your profile if you provided your phone number during registration (or later linked it to your account). You can download ICQ from our website.

Authorization in the mobile client

How to log in to ICQ using the ICQ number on your phone? Follow these steps:

  • Install the application (ICQ New);
  • Launch the program, select "Login by username";
  • Enter your UIN and password;
  • Wait for the synchronization to complete.

All conversations will be restored, except for those that were previously marked as "Secret".

Authorization on PC

How to log in to ICQ using UIN in the desktop version of the client? Similarly:

  • Download and install the program;
  • Launch it, select "Login by password";
  • Enter your UIN and password;
  • Wait for the synchronization of data to complete.

In the future, it is recommended that you specify your phone number in the profile settings and verify it with a one-time password (sent via SMS). This will also allow you to use the web version of the application, which can even be launched on Smart TVs.

In summary, for those who registered in "ICQ" a long time ago, access to their account can now also be obtained. And for authorization, you can use the UIN and password specified during registration.

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