How to set up Poco Launcher

You bought a smartphone and the first thing that catches your eye is the desktop, design, arrangement and appearance of icons, instant functionality. How to understand it, how to arrange widgets, remove or add functions on the screen - the launcher will help, setting up which will not be difficult.


For all POCO models and Xiaomi smartphone lineup, POCO Launcher has been released. If necessary, it can be installed on any Android system, numerous positive reviews online speak of compatibility and error-free operation, even on Honor smartphones.

The launcher combines the unique graphics of MIUI and the rich features of Android. What's new in the POCO interface, what additional features will the smartphone user have, how to customize it for yourself, as well as how to disable or uninstall POCO Launcher from your smartphone, we will figure it out together.

Main Functions of Poco Launcher

Why choose POCO Launcher, what sets it apart from others? Essentially, it's the same home screen, but it has several useful settings. Many launchers fall short in terms of quality and variety of settings compared to the POCO application. Here there are developments of the Pixel Launcher environment, which, combined with the familiar MIUI visualization, create a unique functional workspace.

Anyone who installs POCO Launcher opens up new possibilities. For example, a menu with all applications in one place. In older smartphones, this was the main convenience, and now it's back in POCO. Swipe from the bottom edge of the screen and a menu with all installed applications will appear. Leave only the necessary applications on the home screen and remove the rest.

To disable or enable notifications as needed, swipe your finger down from the top edge of the screen. This is very convenient if you need to go into silent mode or configure notifications from each application.

Poco Launcher has a useful feature: sorting application icons. One of the home screens features a widget that allows you to sort installed extensions according to standard criteria. For example, entertainment, shopping, communication, games, main tools, etc. In addition to the standard categories, you can create your own with a custom name and place selected applications in it.

In the same widget, you can sort them according to their degree of necessity. If you spend a lot of time on Instagram, this application will always be there.

The POCO Launcher app offers the following features:

  • The dark theme helps your eyes strain less while using your smartphone and significantly saves battery power;
  • Improved smartphone performance with personalized themes without lag or slow scrolling. Quick search is possible not only by program name, but also by icon size or color;
  • The settings system is simplified. Everyone can customize it to their needs, for example, sort and select "important" applications. You can also let the system do the selection and remove unnecessary programs;
  • The design is simple and user-friendly. For those who prefer minimalism, there is a hidden menu and sidebar functionality;
  • By default, standard icons are installed for applications. But thanks to customization, each user can choose the ones they like. You can also change their size or group them;
  • Security of all information from third-party access and fast screen lock with double tap;
  • Works on smartphones with Android version 8.0 and higher.

Installing Poco Launcher

Initially, you could find the cover on the internet by installing an app with the .apk extension. Today, there is no need to spend time searching for a reliable and up-to-date version, simply go to our app download section and download Poco Launcher.

To install POCO Launcher, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Poco Launcher apk file.
  2. Click "Install" and grant all permissions, then open the application;
  3. On many devices, the application starts automatically. On others, it requires confirmation to continue. If you see such a window, choose "start";
  4. The next step is wallpaper settings and agreement to the terms of use;
  5. The next window requests access to notifications. If you want to see unread messages in applications, grant access to the application;

That's it, the application is now on your smartphone, now let's go through the settings. If you decide to stick with the previous settings, you can always remove the app from your smartphone.

Main Settings

With the POCO Launcher app, you can change the entire visual appearance of your smartphone. You can start with the style of the interface: wallpaper, icons, fonts. App animation and shifting happen in fractions of a second. You will be amazed by the smooth operation and responsiveness to touch.

Sorting Applications

You can leave the applications as icons or clear the home screen by folding the applications into a separate list and returning to it when necessary. The similarity of the POCO application with the Yandex launcher is demonstrated in the ability to sort shortcuts by color and category.

To configure, use the following actions. On an empty home screen, tap to open the menu. Go to settings and click "More." In the new window, select the option to group icons by color.

You can hide icons from the home screen from outsiders. To do this, simply select the option to hide icons from the home screen in the menu and follow the prompts. At the end, you will need to enter a predefined key (password).

To use the quick settings menu, simply hold down any icon and select the desired capabilities of that application. For example, quickly take a photo or record a video.

Gestures and swipes are preserved here, and their action is correct. Sending back action is done by swiping from right to left from the edge of the screen, etc.

When purchasing a Xiaomi smartphone, users may encounter frozen clock widgets or the Google search. For those who want to remove it from the home screen, POCO Launcher is worth considering.

With the app, you can clean up the RAM. This function works in the same way as clearing memory in the task menu of the smartphone.

How to Disable the App Drawer in Poco Launcher

The main difference between MIUI and POCO launchers is the app drawer. POCO Launcher allows you to clean up the home screen by collecting unused applications in one place. To access the menu with installed programs on your smartphone, simply swipe it up. There is a hint arrow drawn above the dock bar for this purpose.

Another way is to swipe up from the bottom to access the menu. This will show all programs in alphabetical order, and at the top, you can see frequently used programs. There is also category sorting here.

Developers do not provide information on how to disable the app drawer. If you don't like this visual, try disabling the app or completely removing it from your smartphone.

How to Disable or Completely Remove Poco Launcher

You can disable Poco Launcher through the settings. To do this, find the launcher icon in the list of all apps.

After opening the launcher properties, there are 3 actions available at the bottom of the screen. Among them, the "Clear Updates" button temporarily suspends the operation of the program and erases all updates.

Another function, "Clear Data," not only prevents the application from accessing updates, but also deletes all data. You can remove the launcher on other smartphone models through the phone settings menu. The principle is the same: select POCO Launcher among all apps and click "Uninstall."

After restarting the phone, the default launcher will start with basic settings.

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