How to use Game Guardian without root rights on Android

Game Guardian allows many fans of mobile entertainment to ease the process of passing their favorite game. The fact is that this utility is designed to crack toys on Android phones and tablets. However, in order not to have problems with its launch, you must first give it root rights. How to do it correctly and then install the cracking program, whether it is possible to run Game Guardian without root. About all this in more detail below.


Main functions of the mobile program

Game Guardian is designed for Android-based mobile devices. It allows users to hack games and get extra benefits when playing them.

So, with its help you can do the following: add any amount of virtual currency, get the necessary items, give your character an infinite number of "lives" and much more.

The utility is not available to owners of iPhones. They will have to look for other hacker programs.

However, it is worth remembering that it is impossible to use the capabilities of the utility without observing one nuance. The fact is that you need to get the rights of superuser Root. Only then all the features of Game Guardian will become available:

  • The application gives the player any amount of money and lives. It is used to increase the characteristics of the character and the amount of useful inventory.
  • Speeding up and slowing down the gameplay. Thanks to this it is possible to skip boring and long actions.
  • Change several parameters at once.

All these features allow you to facilitate the whole gameplay and enjoy the passage time without compulsory conditions.

In addition, it is worth noting the advantages of the application. These include:

  • Compatibility with all popular emulators on PC.
  • Protection from detection by anti-cheats. Allows you to hide the use of the utility.
  • Distribution on a free basis.
  • Availability of an installation apk-file, which is free of viruses and malware.
  • It is worth remembering that attempts to run the cracker in online projects will not succeed. This is due to the fact that all user settings are located on servers.

Therefore, it is impossible to use the utility to achieve an advantage in Brawl Stars, Car Parking and other games of the MOVA genre.

Characteristics of the application

The program runs on the Android operating system. It takes only 20 MB of free space on the memory card and does not require the Internet to run.

All this allows you to use the utility on almost any, not even the most modern, device. With GG, users can get all the features of the game without buying additional content and extra costs.

Where to Download Game Guardian and How to Install it

Immediately it is worth remembering that it is impossible to find the program in the Play Market. After all, it is used to crack games that are available in this very app store. Therefore, if somewhere offer such an opportunity, it is clearly a fraudulent action.

However, it is safer to use the official site of the program or download from our catalog. Here the user gets to the main page of the site, where the link to download the latest version of the program will be located.

Now the only thing to do is to download Game Guardian and act according to the instructions:

  1. Downloading the ark-file or upgrading to a new version is performed.
  2. The program will ask for permission to install from unknown sources. You need to agree to this.
  3. After that, the installation process starts, and if there are no problems, then, upon completion, you can run the program and start using it.
  4. Game Guardian does not install on Bluestacks 4

Bluestacks is an emulator that allows you to run Android applications on a PC. This virtualization can also be used to install Game Guardian.

But only here the process is different from downloading on phones. The fact is that the emulator does not have the ability to grant root access to users. This is due to the fact that the developers have made such a restriction.

You can get around it by installing the utility BSTweaker. It allows you to bypass the developers' ban and easily install Game Guardian on Bluestacks.

Launching and enabling Game Guardian

First, you need to get Root rights. After that, you can read the small instruction to the utility and run it. Now Game Guardian will be at your fingertips at all times. If it gets in the way, you can make it transparent.

To set up and run an application in games, do the following:

  1. It is necessary to open the game. If the actions are correct, you will see a cracker icon in the corner. You need to click on it and then the Game Guardian will open.
  2. To get to the menu of cheats and other tricks, you should click on the button, made in the form of three strips.
  3. This action will give access to all the cheats and commands to perform settings. You can study the information about them and do a reset. This is to ensure that the parameters of the cheats disappear when you enter the game.
In some cases, when you run the utility, the smartphone screen begins to flicker. This is due to the fact that it is installed on the memory card. In this case, you need to perform a transfer to the internal memory of the device.

How to run Game Guardian without root rights

The most frequent question users have is how to run Game Guardian without root rights. Of course, there are certain nuances in this case, but it is possible to fix this problem.

To do this, you need to use virtual spaces. Thanks to it, you can create a "copy" of the application and hack it with Game Guardian. To do this, just add the necessary game and Game Guardian to the virtual space. After that, it remains to do everything according to the standard instructions.

How to use Game Guardian on Android

First you need to perform the installation, and then do the following:

  1. Click on the icon and run "set temp file path".
  2. A window will open in which you need to specify the path to the memory card.
  3. Press Confirm and confirm the choice.
  4. Determine the location for the icon on the screen of the smartphone.

Now you can begin working with the program. To do this, you need to start searching for the value of the parameter of interest. Once it is found, you should run the game and do any action that changes the value of the selected parameter.

Next, start Guardian again and enter the numbers that will indicate the new value of the parameter. Now all that remains is to confirm the action and go back into the game to make sure that everything is done correctly.

Basic program controls

The main elements are as follows:

  • Reset. Resets all search results. Needed when starting a new hack.
  • Fuzzy. Search for an unknown string. Helps when the game has hack protection.
  • Clear. Starts a new search in the current game.
  • Searching result list. List of existing changes in the game.
  • Save/Load. Saving and loading values from the table.

Interesting features of Game Guardian

The program has several interesting features:

  • The utility cannot be used to hack online games.
  • On the official site you can find and use ready-made saves with modified parameters. Thanks to this you can simplify the passage of many games, such as Standoff, Wave Wave or Jailbreak. You do not even need to use the administrator rights.
  • Ability to speed up or slow down the gameplay. It is enough to hold your finger on the utility icon.
  • Freezing values. Super mode is activated in a couple of minutes.
  • Anti-Random. Allows you to replace random values in games with constant values.
In addition, you can find many useful scripts for games on the Internet. Many of them can be found on the official website of the program.

You can find them on the line "Upload lua scripts to the downloads section - the topic will be created automatically". Should begin to automatically download the script. If there are problems, then you can contact Support and point out the error.

How to hack games in Game Guardian

The user needs to do the following:

  1. After installing the utility, run the game in which you need to change the parameters and click on the icon GG.
  2. In the Search line, specify the value of the required parameter and read the results. After that in the game to change this figure (to spend gold, or to make a shot with a weapon).
  3. Enter a new value in the line and repeat until there are several values left.
  4. Now you should click on each of them and edit to the desired value.
  5. Do the same with all parameters that you want to change.

Virtual space for Game Guardian

Allows hacking without setting root rights. All possible virtual spaces can be found on the official website of the utility. They can be found in the tab "Virtual spaces to run GameGuardian without root".

The following variants of virtual spaces for Game Guardian are worth mentioning:

  • Parallel Space. Parrarel is popular among users. Parallel Space is available in pro and lite versions.
  • Virtualxposed. One of the best variants. What makes Exposed different is that it works without errors.
  • GO Multiple. There is support for x86 bit.
  • 2 Face Multi Accounts. There is also support for x86 bit.
Exposed differs from all the others in that it works with more games. That's why xposed is used by many hackers.

Failed to start Demon for Game Guardian

Most of the time Demon for GG runs without any problems. However, sometimes errors may occur.

In this case, you can try to use another virtual space. In this case, it should be downloaded from the official website and not from unknown sources.

In any case, Game Guardian is a suitable program to simplify the game and achieve results.

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