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Free Fire is a popular multiplayer shooter in the "battle royale" genre, released in the fall of 2017 for mobile platforms. Within a year, the project entered the top four most downloaded games on Google Play, and in 2020, it became the most profitable game on mobile devices.

Official esports championships are held for Free Fire, where the best players from around the world compete for a prize pool of several hundred thousand dollars. However, the majority of Free Fire players are not interested in esports - they just want to relax and have fun. For these purposes, there are special cheats for Free Fire that allow you to simplify the gameplay.


What cheats exist for Free Fire

Free Fire is distributed as an official application that can be downloaded from the Google/Apple digital store, as well as on our website. According to the user agreement, the use of cheat codes or third-party software that gives an advantage to the player is prohibited.

Therefore, all responsibility for actions with cheats, which the user carries out, lies solely with him, and in case of account blocking, he will also be solely responsible.

In Free Fire, there are two main types of cheats:

  1. Wallhack - a cheat code that allows you to see through objects and walls to detect enemies.
  2. Aim-bot - a cheat code that helps improve shooting accuracy by "sticking" the crosshair to a specific part of the enemy's game model.

There are modifications for removing objects, such as grass, houses, stones, etc. Both types of cheats work as third-party software. To activate the cheat code, you will need to download a special program that will interact with the official Free Fire application.

How to download a cheat mod for Free Fire

You can download a program to activate cheats for Free Fire on the internet from thematic portals. Usually, this includes an installer and a cache file. To do this, enter a query of the form "Free Fire hack" or "Free Fire mod menu" in any search engine.

After downloading, the files need to be unpacked to any convenient location on your device, so that the installer has the extension ".apk", and the cache file is in an archive.

How to install a mod for Free Fire

So, after downloading and preparing the files, you can proceed to the installation and activation of cheats for Free Fire. Again, you are solely responsible for all the changes made. As a minimum security measure, we recommend using a clean game account registered with a new email address.

To install the cheats, you need to:

  • Using a file manager or browser, navigate to the internal storage, where the installer and cache file are located. By default, this is the "Download" folder.
  • Click on the installer file. For example, it may have a name like "GarenaFreeFire.MegaMod" or something similar. A dialog box will appear, where you should click "Install".
  • After installation, go back to the folder where the cache file is located. You need to copy it to the "android/obb" folder. This is necessary to activate the mod in the game.
  • After completing the above actions, you can launch the game and use the cheats.

Promotional codes for Free Fire

If you do not want to risk your personal account and prefer to play fair, you can use free working promotional codes for Free Fire. After entering them, gold or diamond coins will be credited to your game account. You can find the current list of promotional codes below.

Promotional codes:

  • E2F86ZREMK49
  • FHT8-F56W-Q3E7-B93M
  • 3NR7-WT8F-FV4D-I8B5
  • RH6B-34K7F-3BVY-6H7G
  • 5G673-HTH3-048VD-78HR
  • F2I4-TI55-5CFE-BHT9
  • 6HN2-SB87R-3STU-NEI9
  • T67T-68D3-3NEW-EUCT
  • 28HT-2IH4-R8FQ-NDG7
  • T12H-TT3L-F45R-VOME
  • N0V2-54VF-RW31-9BEE
  • LH3DHG87XU5U (unfortunately, the promotional code is only valid for the European region)
  • B6IY-CTNH-4PV3
  • FB6H-NJ1K-DI8U
  • 22NS-M7UG-SZM7
  • FJKI-8U7Y-6TRF

To enter a promotional code, you need to:

  1. Go to the website "".
  2. In the upper part, enter the account credentials that were specified during registration in the game. For example, it can be an email address on the Gmail service, an account in the social network VKontakte or Twitter.
  3. After logging in, a field will appear where you need to enter a 12 or 16-digit promotional code and click the "Confirm" button.
  4. If the promotional code is successfully activated, the reward will appear in the game in the "Inventory" section. If the promotional code implies the allocation of currency, it will be credited to the account in the store.
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